Omg, first post!

Though this is my first post on THIS blog, it is not my first post ever. Worry not, I am a seasoned blogger.

So why start a new blog, Xtine? Plainly, my previous blogs lacked something. That something, was me. I worried too much about other people and less about myself. This blog aims to show what I’ve been doing with my life lately. And that’s where we shall begin.


It started somewhere around here, August of 2016. After years of complaining to my husband, Scott, that I hated all of my clothes and asking him if he’d care if I dressed in the “style of vintage”, I finally started setting aside money to scratch my vintage itch. At this time, I had just passed my roller derby minimum skills and got a raise at my awesome job.

My first purchase was a bathing suit I bought on Amazon.

The suit itself was fine, just not quite the vintage style I wanted (high-waisted does not always equal vintage, folks). I still wear it, but the spillage does not make my husband jump for joy when I wear it in public.


With it, I ordered a black petticoat for under $15. At the time, I was more concerned about my budget than I was with quality. The petticoat is actually made of voile, not tulle! I’ve never been a fan of tulle because of the way it snags on tights and stockings, so it was a pleasant surprise. Also, I had ordered a Large but it still fit. With Asian sizing, I’m never sure if I should order my typical size or size up, especially if there is no size chart with measurements. But it fit perfectly.


This petticoat still remains one of my favorite Amazon purchases, despite the fact that I have not gotten another one from this company since. There are reasons.

And this is when I dove head first into what my husband calls “the vintage thing”.


At this point, I only had 4 dresses, 1 skirt, and a few vintage accessories that I favored over all of the items in my closet. I still had no idea how to deal with my hair and my makeup was costing me double what I normally paid. Then I got ipsy and solved some of my problems.

My budget became my enemy and my extra spending cash became more scarce from this point on, but my adventure was just starting…

Items featured:

Blue with White Dots Swimsuit
Maggie Tang on Amazon
Black Petticoat
Grace Karin on Amazon
Spider Brooch
Valdler on Amazon