My Thoughts on Trousers

If you had asked me if I liked trousers before I switched to vintage style, I would have said “absolutely not, never will ever want to wear trousers”. I’m a dress girl through and through, until I snagged a pair of 40’s style wide leg trousers from a gal on a Swap and Sell group.

20161020_185731The trousers are from House of Foxy and as soon as I put them on, I felt like they were akin to the type you’d see on Katherine Hepburn. The waist is high, but the legs are definitely wide. They fit well, but my thighs are like tree trunks and filled out every inch of the fabric in the hip area. There was some stretch and I used all of it.



I liked the trousers and I liked the way they fit, but I didn’t like how tight they were around my pooch area, which is a work in progress.


Overall, had I gotten a larger size, I might have been more comfortable and I would probably wear them more. For now, I plan on losing the weight with more roller derby and sliding these babies on more often in the future.


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1940’s Swing Trousers in Olive by House of Foxy