Black Friday Snags

In addition to my Catch of the Day purchases, I also ordered some tops and accessories from Doll Me Up on Black Friday. Normally, Doll Me Up’s prices are perfect for my budget anyway but on Black Friday, everything was 60%. I could not pass it up.


I ordered this beautiful pink top that, truly, goes with everything in my closet. The fit is perfect and I love the fabric. I purchased the mermaid brooch as well and love the glittery black against the pink.


My only issue was the sheerness, I tend to wear camisoles under my tops anyway but it still bothered me to have my skin show through.


I also purchased a white peasant top (my first!). I was concerned about the fit because they only had a 2X available at this price (I paid $4.99 for this) but it fit just right.


I paired it with my Sky Blue Jenny skirt from Pinup Girl Clothing and immediately felt like a Disney princess.


My husband was gone when I tried this on so I took full advantage of walking around and enjoying the feel of this outfit with no one to judge me!


The cat pin really gives me a laugh because you can see the star for his bottom. I absolutely love pins and this is a great addition to my collection.


By far, these were my favorite purchases and I now have a complete top collection to go with my skirts and trousers. It has only been a few months and already my wardrobe is completely changed!

Items featured:

Pleasant Peasant Top in White from Doll Me Up

Easy as Pie Top in Light Pink from Doll Me Up

Purr-fect Catch Brooch from Doll Me Up

Mermaid Brooch in Black from Doll Me Up

Black Net Skirt from Torrid

Jenny Skirt by Pinup Couture from Pinup Girl Clothing

Pointed ballet flats in Beige by Ann Taylor Loft

Brea Cross Strap ballet flats in Black by Top Moda from Amazon


The Circus Has Come to Town

In another Swap & Sell purchase, I picked up a skirt I had been eyeing for months. My husband used to be a huge unicycle enthusiast (even taught a few lessons because he was so good) and loved penny farthings. When I spotted the Strongman Skirt from RockSteady, I wanted it, but it was a little out of my budget.


Thankfully, someone on a Swap & Sell was selling it for less so I bought it right away. It was my first item from Rock Steady and the quality is about the same as I would expect from Hell Bunny or Sourpuss, etc.


The skirt has a bit of stretch to it. I’ve found that with this polyester/rayon/spandex blend, it hugs the curves but also allows for a bit of movement without fear of ripping anything.


I love the pattern and the kick pleats added around the skirt. I paired it with my favorite short sleeve turtle neck and some seamed stockings to really vintage the look up.


Overall, I think this skirt was a great purchase but I’m not sure where I’d wear this skirt yet. Hopefully, my husband and I will find ourselves at a circus or La Nouba and I’ll have a reason to wear this beauty out.

Items featured:

Plus Size Cuban Heel Stockings by Leg Avenue from Amazon

Strongman Thrill pencil skirt by RockSteady

Black turtleneck (long sleeved version turned short sleeve by me) by Faded Glory

Black ankle oxfords from Goodwill

Fashion at HHN

I started my vintage journey during the perfect season, Fall. Every year, my husband and I go to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando and this year, I got the chance to wear vintage all season. I started by making two skirts using Halloween fabrics I found at Joann Fabrics.


I love the selection they carry and usually I have at least one coupon worth 40% off. I made a pleated 2″ waisted skirt and a gathered, elastic waistband skirt.


The pleated skirt is my all time favorite. The combination of the fabric and the pleats just gives that vintage feel I wanted. I thought of doing it gathered but the price of the additional fabric would have put me out of budget. Instead, I used only 2 yards and still had at least a yard left for additional projects. The skirt even has POCKETS!!

I wore the gathered skirt more often just due to comfort. I love bats and the color allowed the print to glow in black lights which is a staple in many haunted house attractions. I loved it, however, in one of the scarezones (Vamp ’55) featuring 1950s vampires, the principal always seemed to take issue with my allegiance to the Bats.


The Vamp ’55 scarezone really was meant for me since I was just going into the vintage side of life. I even met a Spiffy Saturday friend there on multiple occasions wearing all the Pinup Girl Clothing pieces I could ever want.


My husband and I attended the event so often, the scareactors began to learn our names, and, on more than one occasion, compliment my attire. It became my happy place, especially since derby was no longer doing that for me. I had lost some friends but HHN helped me through that.


I even had the chance (pun intended) to re-wear my Chance skirt piece again. This time, I paired it with a Jaws t-shirt in honor of the fallen attraction. This HHN was probably my favorite HHN simply because I got to do it as myself and have the confidence to look the way I wanted to. And confidence can really get you anywhere.

Items featured:

All fabrics from Joann Fabrics

Sourpuss Bats Spooksville Dress in Pink by Sourpuss

Pinup Couture Jenny Dress in Halloween Harlequin Print by Pinup Girl Clothing

Featured photo credit: Ian Suarez (see his Instagram! – @haveyoumetian)

Take a Chance

In September, a group called Spiffy Saturday threw their Fall fancy. If you aren’t familiar with the group, Spiffy Saturday is the Universal equivalent to Dapper Day at Disney. I used to work for Disney so my urge to go there has very drastically decreased as I’ve gotten older. I do have a Universal Orlando annual pass so I was very excited to attend the event. As with Dapper Day, for Spiffy Saturday, you dress in your best vintage and for this event, I wanted to wear a Halloween Horror Nights inspired outfit.

During HHN 25, we were reintroduced to the character Chance, Jack’s sidekick and a similar character to Harley Quin in terms of her moral compass.

21224058724_3f8a5b3706_kI didn’t want to stray too far away from vintage so I drew a sketch of the outfit I was to create myself, keeping in mind the Universal Orlando rules regarding costumes.


My plan was to make the dress and a separate top so that I could possibly use the skirt in other outfits after this event. My goal is always to make re-wearable items so as not to “waste” money. I’m not the best at sewing, but making circle skirts is fairly easy, if you know your maths.


Essentially, you fold fabric 4x and measure out the radius from the folded edge. Knowing your bust/waist/hip measurements is helpful in all vintage clothing sizing, but especially in making your own clothing.


I made the skirt first, because I always have issues making tops. My bust measures between 38″-40″ and my waist 34″-35″ so sometimes the bust is too big but the waist fits right, or vice versa. For this outfit, I bought so little fabric that I just made a crop top instead of the original plan.


I found the top I made to be a little busty and it wasn’t too hot so I topped it off with a sheer cardigan I acquired from my grandma. I turned my original plan for a high-waisted skirt, into a jumper to give the front a bit of a corset look. When I look at it now, it reminds me of Santa, but it worked well for the look I was going for because her corset had buckles.



I had enough fabric from the top to make my husband a matching bowtie using this tutorial on Tie-a-Tie.


I have a deep passion for collecting pins and wearing pins that are relevant to whatever situation I find myself in, so I decided to make a polymer clay pin of the Wheel of Chance that was used in HHN 25 (featured behind Chance in the photo above). I threw in some chainsaw earrings also made from polymer clay.


The pin was the hardest to make since I am a perfectionist and the pin only measured 1.5″ long. Hand painting the words onto the pin took two tries but I am very satisfied with the result.


I had no issues at the parks and there were a few folks that recognized who I was styled after and really that made all the difference. A lot of hard work went into this ensemble and it was our first time going out vintage. It was a wonderful time and we made some pretty cool friends that day.


All fabrics were purchased from Joann Fabrics

Praise the Impulse Gods

Since my entire closet is being revamped, I find myself buying impulsively in order to help speed along the process discarding items I don’t want. If I have something to replace it with, I don’t feel so bad giving it away.


That’s where this Muxxn Swing dress in deer print comes in. I purchased it from Amazon for less than $20. I was really drawn to it because of the print and the matching bolero. I was obsessed with boleros.

20161011_184019I had a wonderful time trying this dress on. The fabric is a poly-mix that has a bit of stretch to it. I ordered a 2X due to the size chart, but I could have gotten it in XL because the waist is a bit loose.


The main dress piece is sleeveless and has a ruched bodice piece that fits well over my bust. I loved it because I didn’t feel at all like I was showing too much. The bolero had buttons covered in a velvet material that made it look very professional.



Overall, I love this dress. I have absolutely no where to wear it as of yet, but I love how it feels and I can’t wait to find an excuse to put it on. I love deals and this was by far one of my favorites. For anyone considering buying vintage style dresses from Amazon, Muxxn seems to be a good choice.


Items featured:

Vintage 50’s Swing Dress in Deer Print by Muxxn from Amazon

Green Petticoat by Lindy Bop

Omg, first post!

Though this is my first post on THIS blog, it is not my first post ever. Worry not, I am a seasoned blogger.

So why start a new blog, Xtine? Plainly, my previous blogs lacked something. That something, was me. I worried too much about other people and less about myself. This blog aims to show what I’ve been doing with my life lately. And that’s where we shall begin.


It started somewhere around here, August of 2016. After years of complaining to my husband, Scott, that I hated all of my clothes and asking him if he’d care if I dressed in the “style of vintage”, I finally started setting aside money to scratch my vintage itch. At this time, I had just passed my roller derby minimum skills and got a raise at my awesome job.

My first purchase was a bathing suit I bought on Amazon.

The suit itself was fine, just not quite the vintage style I wanted (high-waisted does not always equal vintage, folks). I still wear it, but the spillage does not make my husband jump for joy when I wear it in public.


With it, I ordered a black petticoat for under $15. At the time, I was more concerned about my budget than I was with quality. The petticoat is actually made of voile, not tulle! I’ve never been a fan of tulle because of the way it snags on tights and stockings, so it was a pleasant surprise. Also, I had ordered a Large but it still fit. With Asian sizing, I’m never sure if I should order my typical size or size up, especially if there is no size chart with measurements. But it fit perfectly.


This petticoat still remains one of my favorite Amazon purchases, despite the fact that I have not gotten another one from this company since. There are reasons.

And this is when I dove head first into what my husband calls “the vintage thing”.


At this point, I only had 4 dresses, 1 skirt, and a few vintage accessories that I favored over all of the items in my closet. I still had no idea how to deal with my hair and my makeup was costing me double what I normally paid. Then I got ipsy and solved some of my problems.

My budget became my enemy and my extra spending cash became more scarce from this point on, but my adventure was just starting…

Items featured:

Blue with White Dots Swimsuit
Maggie Tang on Amazon
Black Petticoat
Grace Karin on Amazon
Spider Brooch
Valdler on Amazon