The Importance of Foundation

One of the most important things I learned in my transformation into the pinup style is that the traditional “pinup” look isn’t just about the clothes everyone sees. It’s what’s underneath that can truly make or break a look.

Same dress, different foundations

One of my first purchases for foundation garments was a longline bra from Exquisite Form on Amazon. I wanted a sturdy, affordable bra that I could wear practically everyday. Along with this, I purchased a GREAT strapless bra from a local shop in my area. Strapless bras are vitally important for tops with low necklines like peasant tops so its important to have one that will fit comfortably and securely.

A look like this requires a good strapless bra.

Next, I invested in a well made corset. This is a personal decision. I find that my look is accentuated by wearing a steel boned corset, however, that doesn’t necessarily mean everyone should wear one. I purchased a waspie cincher from Orchard Corset and a longer underbust corset from Mystic City Corsets.

Fully closed in my Mystic City Corset (30″)

I have found that purchasing a well made corset and seasoning it well will actually act as a better cincher than the latex waist cinchers you can find in many stores now. There are several misconceptions about wearing corsets so be sure to do research before you jump into the tightlacing pool!

My look with my Mystic City Corset underneath

When I first started dressing in the pinup style, I wore bicycle shorts underneath my skirts to prevent chafing and to give a smooth look. The best upgrade to this is to purchase a pair of high waist shaper shorts (I use Flexees by Maidenform) or a full body shaper to smooth out any problem areas and to just give a more streamlined look underneath your garments.

Under and Over

I think I invested the most money into the garments that no one but me and my husband see, but I’ve found that the pay off from them is well worth it. There are so many brands to purchase from in terms of foundation garments (Rago, Maidenform…) but really it depends on your comfort level. After all, it will be you who knows exactly what is hidden under all those pretties.

Items Featured:

Coral Polka Dot dress by Sara USA from Amazon

Black Velvet Belt by Pinup Girl Clothing

Valerie Dress in Black Satin by Pinup Girl Clothing

MCC-75 Corset in Black Cotton/Sport Mesh by Mystic City Corsets

Lightweight High-Waist Thigh Slimmer by Flexees by Madienform

Longline Bra in Black by Exquisite Form from Amazon

Powderpuff Top in Red from Vixen by Micheline Pitt


Galentine’s Day

I had the absolute pleasure of spending the pre-Valentine’s Day weekend with a group of lovely ladies in Tampa for a Galentine’s tea date at the Oxford Exchange. I don’t normally celebrate Valentine’s day but this gave me the perfect chance to wear my newest purchase from Sara USA.

This lovely dress was on Amazon for only $12 and my vintage love letter clutch (also from Amazon) was only $10. I wore a corset as part of my foundation to keep my waist cinched and I felt absolutely lovely in it.


The gals brought gifts to participate in a White Elephant exchange and I came home with a lovely tea set. I am an enormous fan of tea and I’ve always admired fancy china like my grandmother has in her home so this was the perfect gift for me.


I had a wonderful time despite the traffic I encountered on the way back home. The icing on the cake was the surprise on my husband’s face when he saw the look of the day. Though I normally don’t celebrate Valentine’s day, it was a great day and a perfect way to celebrate with a group of lovely ladies that share the same love for all things vintage.

Items Featured:

Coral Polka Dot dress by Sara USA from Amazon

Vintage Love Letter Clutch by Shagwear from Amazon

Black Velvet Belt by Pinup Girl Clothing

Turning Naturally Curly Hair Vintage

Since changing my style, I’ve found the most difficult part of dressing vintage is my hair. I am a mix of Mexican and Black and my hair is a unique texture of curl. For a very long time, I convinced myself that the only way to achieve proper vintage style was to straighten my hair.


Though I still use a flat iron to straighten my hair when the weather permits, I have found that there are other styles I can produce without spending hours burning the curl from my hair. It hasn’t been easy, mostly due to the fact that there aren’t many curly hair tutorials out there.


The easiest style I’ve come across are hair combs and bumper bangs. I use a bun roll that I’ve cut to create a straight hair rat. I use the hair rat to help form perfect bumper bangs and I use Suavecita Pomade to smooth them out. For the rest of my hair, I roll and tuck the hair back using bobby pins (though hair combs can achieve a more secure set). Sometimes, I leave my curls out, or I tuck them in and finish with a hair scarf.


The typical classic pinup look involves pin curls. However, with the texture of my hair, traditional pin curls do not form correctly. Instead, I do a twist and pin my hair using setting lotion in 1″ sections and set in place with bobby pins. I usually do this before bed and sleep with them in. I take the my hair down in the morning or when dry, finger brush them out and use pomade and a boar bristle brush to smooth out any parts that have become unruly.

I also love to use pillow rollers to achieve a vintage style. Using the same brush out technique as with the twists, only my hair comes out in much softer waves than with the twists. This is the closest look to the traditional pin curl brush out using no heat element to straighten my curls.

Though I still straighten my hair when I want a more classic look, I like these styles the most for every day looks and outdoor events. Vintage hairstyles always seem a bit daunting when you first try them, but once you get to know your hair texture, it gets much easier!



Pinstriping Our Dry Bar

Over the weekend, I had an idea to revamp our plan dry bar into a vintage styled set up. My uncle handmade the wood stand originally for our bedroom television, but we gave away the T.V. for parts after it stopped working. We transformed it into a dry bar only a few weeks ago.


I started by staining the wood with the same color as our vinyl player stand so that the living room would have a cohesive thread. I did one thick coat in order to give the wood a darker look.


I used some references I found online to make pinstriped spider webs and a nice design to fit on the decorative wood pieces in the shelves. I have a relatively shaky hand and couldn’t find my fine brushes so the lining is a little wonky but only if you look closely.



Overall, my husband and I both love the look of the new bar. It gives the bar a classy look and still goes well with the gothic theme we already have going in our living room. I love bats so I was even able to throw in some bat imagery in the centerpiece.


Pinstriping has become my new favorite thing. I plan on doing more projects using pinstriping since its so classy looking and not really too difficult on wood. Now to just get my uncle to make us more things!


Omg, first post!

Though this is my first post on THIS blog, it is not my first post ever. Worry not, I am a seasoned blogger.

So why start a new blog, Xtine? Plainly, my previous blogs lacked something. That something, was me. I worried too much about other people and less about myself. This blog aims to show what I’ve been doing with my life lately. And that’s where we shall begin.


It started somewhere around here, August of 2016. After years of complaining to my husband, Scott, that I hated all of my clothes and asking him if he’d care if I dressed in the “style of vintage”, I finally started setting aside money to scratch my vintage itch. At this time, I had just passed my roller derby minimum skills and got a raise at my awesome job.

My first purchase was a bathing suit I bought on Amazon.

The suit itself was fine, just not quite the vintage style I wanted (high-waisted does not always equal vintage, folks). I still wear it, but the spillage does not make my husband jump for joy when I wear it in public.


With it, I ordered a black petticoat for under $15. At the time, I was more concerned about my budget than I was with quality. The petticoat is actually made of voile, not tulle! I’ve never been a fan of tulle because of the way it snags on tights and stockings, so it was a pleasant surprise. Also, I had ordered a Large but it still fit. With Asian sizing, I’m never sure if I should order my typical size or size up, especially if there is no size chart with measurements. But it fit perfectly.


This petticoat still remains one of my favorite Amazon purchases, despite the fact that I have not gotten another one from this company since. There are reasons.

And this is when I dove head first into what my husband calls “the vintage thing”.


At this point, I only had 4 dresses, 1 skirt, and a few vintage accessories that I favored over all of the items in my closet. I still had no idea how to deal with my hair and my makeup was costing me double what I normally paid. Then I got ipsy and solved some of my problems.

My budget became my enemy and my extra spending cash became more scarce from this point on, but my adventure was just starting…

Items featured:

Blue with White Dots Swimsuit
Maggie Tang on Amazon
Black Petticoat
Grace Karin on Amazon
Spider Brooch
Valdler on Amazon