Pinstriping Our Dry Bar

Over the weekend, I had an idea to revamp our plan dry bar into a vintage styled set up. My uncle handmade the wood stand originally for our bedroom television, but we gave away the T.V. for parts after it stopped working. We transformed it into a dry bar only a few weeks ago.


I started by staining the wood with the same color as our vinyl player stand so that the living room would have a cohesive thread. I did one thick coat in order to give the wood a darker look.


I used some references I found online to make pinstriped spider webs and a nice design to fit on the decorative wood pieces in the shelves. I have a relatively shaky hand and couldn’t find my fine brushes so the lining is a little wonky but only if you look closely.



Overall, my husband and I both love the look of the new bar. It gives the bar a classy look and still goes well with the gothic theme we already have going in our living room. I love bats so I was even able to throw in some bat imagery in the centerpiece.


Pinstriping has become my new favorite thing. I plan on doing more projects using pinstriping since its so classy looking and not really too difficult on wood. Now to just get my uncle to make us more things!